The festival of arts without borders

"We should always be a little improbable" - Oscar Wilde

=>Tickets on sale for Escales by night:   September 8th, September 9th, September 10th! Featuring Chicks on Speed, Banana Bags & Bodice, Stéréoptik, Jacques Poulin-Denis... Check out the program of the Escales by night

------------------------LAST MINUTE !!------------------------
One week away from the festival : SURPRISE guests!

Les étrangers de l’intérieur, Montreal performers and DJ Cherry COLA, creator of the "BIG CITY NIGHT join Organ Mood, and Chicks on Speed (LIVE),…for an improbable Escale by night, Friday September 10 at Club Soda (doors open at 8pm).

------In partnership with MEG Montreal, MOOG Audio and CKUT------

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Seven years, the age of reason? Certainly not for the Escales Improbables de Montréal (EIM). Since its very first edition, the EIM festival has never ceased to side with creation and to gamble on an adventure with artists who believed in the project since its inception. Once again this year, the adventure has materialized with 70 artists from here and beyond who follow wayfaring paths like an antidote to an all too day-to-day reality, providing them with their just vacations of unreality, lucid ribaldry, and the beginnings of gentle intranquillity. They invite one and all to rediscover his or her environment, and to look at it with renewed vision. Year after year, the EIM's leitmotiv is to do the spadework on these stretches of freedom.

In 2010, the Escales will once again present its day program, and for the first time, will offer an evening program in three Montréal venues. The day events will unfold at the Quays of the Old Port of Montréal and comprise a dreamy and creative stroll, an invitation to wander away from the requisite routes. Between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., the stroll will be punctuated with theatre, visual art, music, and sounds likely to satisfy our curiosity for the improbable.

And then there are the late-day events for three evenings, designed to take us surfing on waves as different as they are varied, with namely the last opus of Jacques Poulin Denis, focussed on drifting and immersion, at the Monument National; a journey to the land of zany legends, with New York's Banana Bag&Bodice company, at the Lion d'or; and lastly, the awaited return, at the Club Soda, of Chicks on Speed in their Happening DJ set, for the event of the festival's 2010 edition.

Shared with family or friends, these performances are as many "reasonable" rendez-vous that we have together, as many meeting points that make Les Escales Improbables de Montréal a festival for all those who bring it to life, nourish it, and breathe into it its seafaring inspiration.

Have a great time!

Sylvie Teste Artistic Director

Special pre-festival project Les Escales Sonores, Quebec/France creation exhibited from september 3 to 8 on Place Émilie Gamelin (Montreal) A production with the support of