Due to COVID-19, and in accordance with government directives, Les Escales Improbables de Montréal are forced to cancel Les Rendez-Vous des arts sans frontières, scheduled from April 29 to May 17, 2020.

Some activities of our
PROGRAM 2020 will be postponed. Stay tuned, we will keep you informed of any postponements of activities in the coming days ...

And while waiting for this virus to let us enjoy the sunny days, here are some ideas for free activities to do at home🤗

FREE artistic activities to do at home


> 📖 Read one (or more) of the 37,129 digital books loaned by Montreal libraries for free.


> 🎥 Getting lost in the shelves of a virtual videoclub of great cinematic classics


> 🎶 Make musical stops around the world and discover music from the last decades.


> 🏺 Explore 10 international museums from your living room


> 🎭 Attend one of the performances of The Metropolitan Opera (New York).

And above all take good care of yourself and of your close ones 💛



is coming back in Montreal this year !!!

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