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Je ne suis pas un robot

J'allume - J'éteins

Les Escales Improbables de Montréal and Quasar saxophone quartet have teamed their forces to present Je ne suis pas un robot, the very first tragicomic, experimental techno-opera-ballet !


We've become habituated, each one of us and each day, to endlessly opening and closing accounts and sessions with little consideration to questioning ourselves regarding the intimate relationship between our devices and ourselves.

Are machines becoming more human? Or is it me that is getting mechanized?


And amid these exchanges, up to what point can we prove that we ourselves have not become robots?

Crédit photo :  Marie Lassiat

Instigated by Jean-Marc Bouchard, Je ne suis pas un robot is an amalgamation of the poetic universe of Jérôme Minière, Jean-François Laporte's invented instruments, the contemporary music of the Quasar saxophone quartet and the creativity of visual artist Marie-Pierre Normand : an artistic and technological chequerboard of sorts.

Join us on the rooftop terrace of the Éthel parking garage, an interesting location in itself with an outstanding view of Montreal. A moment well beyond the ordinary to enjoy, at sunset, while having a drink with family or friends!

An unparalleled artistic and sensorial experience not to be missed!


Camp Ethel

A collective creation by:


- Jean-Marc Bouchard: Music, original idea

- Jérôme Minière Music, dramaturgy

- Jean-François Laporte : Music, instrument design

- Marie-Pierre Normand : Scenography, costumes

- Quasar, saxophone quartet : Musicians


In collaboration with Totem Contemporain

A co-production of Quasar saxophone quartet and Les Escales Improbables of Montreal.

Thursay 26 et friday 27 

septembre 2019


7:00 pm 

Tarif : Between 15$ et 20$ tx incl

Free admission : up to 12 years of age

Location :

CAMP Ethel , 4015 wellington street

Métro : De l'Eglise 

Doors open at 6:15pm 

Beverages for sale on site 

JFLaporte_de Jan_Chołoniewski
Quasar, quatuor de saxophones
Camp Ethel
Jean François Laporte
Jérôme Minière
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