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La république des rêves
(The Republic of Dreams)

A first in North America​


A co-production Les Escales Improbables de Montréal

La république des rêves is an extraodrinary participative show. It invites children and adults to go on an adventure together.

La république des rêves invites us to take off our dusty clothes and dive into the imagination of our childhood. This show makes us go on an adventure together, on the territory of fantasy. After walking through a sensory journey, we are trained by three comedians-storytellers in a fantastic ride... Will we reach the Republic of Dreams?

This show is based on Bruno Schulz's novel The Republic of Dreams. In the short story, the author returns to the territory of his childhood where, with his comrades, he built citadels and other castles, becoming sometimes knight, sometimes princess, bandit, or brigand. Returning to these places, the author meets a man of his age who decided to take off his dusty clothes, to be what he really is. He proclaims here the republic of dreams, the territory of poetry and fantasy.

"We had decided to be self-sufficient.It should be a citadel, both bulwark and theater.There, we would enact new laws.(...) He that fleeing wolves and robbers entered the citadel and accompanies us in this country belonging to no one, the sovereign territory of poetry. " The Republic of Dreams - Bruno Schulz


The first part is a playful journey in small groups in 10 spaces summoning the 5 senses. In the second part, three comedians-storytellers take viewers on a fantastic ride, a kind of popular assembly where every voice counts.Together, the audience and the actors decide on the continuation (or not) of the show.

"The show is both in and out of the room, on and around the set. With a clever combination of objects, sensory and participative installations, traditional tales and life stories, this unique and unusual scenic experience is worth the detour. It allows to dive back for over an hour in the imagination of our childhood, made of wooden huts, cardboard swords and paper helmets, imaginary steeds and epic jousting.The thrills of playing scare in the dark and imagining attacked by strange creatures and ferocious beasts are revived with delight." - Cristina Marino, Le Monde, april 2019

The artists talk about La république des rêvesBenoit Gasnier, François Lavallée et Julie Seiller
00:00 / 09:31

Extract of a radio interview from RCF, a French radio, february 2019



From: The À l'envers company and François Lavallée
Based on the s
hort-story from Bruno Schulz

With: Benoit Gasnier (France), Julie Seiller (France), François Lavallée (Montréal)

Texts:  Tale François Lavallée

           Support in writing: Alexandre Koutchevsky


Scenography: Guénolé Jezequel

Music: Julie Seiller

Artistic collaborator: Jean-marie Oriot


A co-production

À l'envers - Rennes; Théâtre de L’Agora - Scène Nationale d'Evry et de l'Essonne; Le Strapontin - Scène des arts de la parole - Pont-Scorff; Le CPPC - théâtre de L'Aire Libre - Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande; Le Centre Culturel Jovence - Louvigné du désert; Les Escales Improbables de Montréal; Au bout du plongeoir - Fabrique d’Art - Thorigné Fouillard; La paillette - Rennes.

Financial partners of production

A production supported by la DRAC Bretagne, le Conseil Régional de Bretagne, Le Conseil Départemental d’Ille et Vilaine, la Ville de Rennes et Rennes Métropole


A show on tour in Québec in collaboration with the City of Laval, The Festival Québec en toutes lettres and the City of Saint-Jean sur Richelieu.

In Québec with the support of the Consulat général de France à Québec, the Institut Français and Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne.

Thanks to Patro le Prevost.

From 7 to 99 years old.

Duration : 1h15

In Montréal

Sunday, October 6, at 10:30 AM

Prices: from 10$ to 20$ tx included

           family package 25$ tx included


Place: Patro Le Prevost, 

7355 Christophe-Colomb avenue

Auditorium, 2nd floor

In Laval

Thrusday, October 3rd

at 1:00 and 4:30 PM



Place: Community center Jean-Paul-Campeau 

3781 Lévesque Ouest boulevard. 















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