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Les Siestes Musicales

A cocoon of listening and relaxation

The iconic rendez-vous of Les Siestes Musicales is back. For this first session of musical naps, the EIMs put the voice in the spotlight with The Chorus of Brouhaha and its choir leader: Sébastien Lachaume.

He will explore his repertoire for a sound experience specially adapted to the place, at the water's edge, at Jarry Park.


Les Siestes musicales are not a concert. Enjoy this cocoon of listening punctuated by relaxation sessions, at the edge of the water, under the trees, on mats or in hammocks. The Siestes Musicales are an antidote to urban sound pollution and the domination of noise in our daily lives. ne sont pas un concert. 

Presented by Les Escales Improbables de Montréal in collaboration with Hors Les Murs.

Musical co-programming by Sylvie Teste et Antoine Bédard.

Relaxation sessions are animated by Julie Legault. 
Also, thanks to Culture Vélo

 Sunday, September 8th

1:00 PM and 2:15 PM


Location : Near the Jarry Park pond


Les Siestes Musicales are in 2 separate sessions:

- The first from 1 to 2 PM

- The 2nd from 2:15  to 3:15 PM


The public can attend first, second, or both sessions.

More informations about :

Le Choeur du Brouhaha

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