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Les EIM, are an organization founded in 2004 by Sylvie Teste and Mustapha Terki whose mandat is to support and develop a multidisciplinary, intergenerational, creative and social reality of the place of art in the city and in the life of the citizens.

They create contexts of presentation that privilege encounters between artists, places and the public where the viewer is invited to be active rather than just a consumer, and who touches him in his social and human dimension.


Les Escales Improbables de Montréal produce and create multidisciplinary projects and also present artists in Montreal (and elsewhere in Quebec) from all disciplines and from different countries for 16 years.


Between art, city and citizens, the EIMs highlight, at different times of the year, innovative and contemporary artistic experiences that reveal spaces and places in Montreal. This intimate and collective relationship arouses and privileges the interaction between the public and the artists. Installations, shows, performances, workshops and all forms of artistic devices, outdoors or indoors, nourish this link of proximity.

Sylvie Teste


Les EIM, bring together people who are involved to contribute to our projects in various ways:

Sylvie Teste, Raphael Poujol, Elsa Prager, Mélina Gonzalez, Milan Simas, Antoine Bédard, Marie Arsenault, Bernard Grenon, Liana Paré, Michel Fordin, Richard Simas, Antoine Labelle, Claire Fournier...


And all the volunteers and partners who get involved every year in our events.

The board of directors:

Isabelle Therrien: Présidente, Juge à la Cour du Québec

Sylvie Teste: Co-fondatrice- Treasurer, Directrice artistique (Les Escales Improbables, TEMPS D’IMAGES, Les Correspondances d’Eastman 2003)

Mustapha Terki: Board member, Montréal Électronique Groove Director

Christiane Dinelle: Board member and  administrative, Director,  Agora de la danse

Karolina Mazuk: Board member ; Senior Production Coordinator, Digital Dimension

Pascale Huberty: Board member, Maison des Familles du Centre-Sud coordinator

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